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Tanning lotions
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tanning lotions

Tanning lotions

Top Tanning Lotions

Not all people have the same skin characteristics, and friends can't share the same tanning lotions. Here is a rundown of some of the newest and most recommended tanning lotions in the market today. Find out if any of these is right for you.

A household word for many decades now is Coppertone, and Coppertone tanning lotions have been trusted by millions. They contain moisturizers, have excellent sun protection, and are waterproof.

These tanning lotions are sold as oils, sprays, or the traditional lotions in handy plastic bottles. Coppertone also has tanning lotions for sunless tanning - a formula that contains moisturizers and provides gradual tranning. Select one with a shade closest to your natural skin tone.

You'll also find oil-free formulas, bronzers, and tanning lotions for your face. Your tan becomes darker each time you put on additional applications.

Another popular choice is Avon Their tanning lotions, under their Skin So Soft Line, are very affordable. Those with medium skin tones can purchase Avon's Soft & Glow Satin Daily Body Moisturizer, a tube of which retails for less than $10.

This product is easy to apply and results in an even tan, with no unsightly orange discoloration and uneven streaks. It has a pleasant smell, unlike other tanning lotions which have a very strong and rather unpleasant odor. It is worthy to note that you'll immediately get a tan after your first application, so apply the first layer sparingly.

Another company that makes excellent tanning lotions is Banana Boat. They introduced the Everyday Glow SunDial Self-Tanning Lotion last year, with a patent-pending AmphoComplex technology which is touted as the secret behind achieving the most natural-looking color.

It's packaged in an attractive 6.7-fl. oz. brown-and-tan bottle. This product is 100% oil free and is more quick-drying than most other tanning lotions. SunDial has a fresh scent and is also long-lasting. You can also try SunDial Face for all skin tones.

Almay is more known for their anti-aging beauty products, but they manufacture tanning lotions as well. They have the Sunless Tanning Cream, one for the body and another for the face, which have an SPF of 15. These soothing tanning lotions contain organics such as cucumber and aloe to soften your skin and milk thistle to protect your skin from the elements.

Almay's tanning lotions give a nice, even and streak-free tan. There are many shades to choose from to make one's tan natural-looking. Many companies that make tanning lotions give away free samples because they understand how important it is to find tanning lotions that are just right for a person's skin.

Magazines often have ads with coupons asking the reader to call a toll-free number or drop a coupon where they need to write their name and mailing address, and the free sample would be sent through the mail.

Retail stores also give out free samples of their tanning lotions especially around summer, and you can find coupons in newspapers as well. Another alternative is to go to the website and request for free samples via e-mail.

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